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What are Class Credits?

For a limited time. Buy 20 Class credits or more and receive a LIFETIME ACCESS to the Schoolified SOLO PLAN.

Class Credits correspond to the $1.99 admin fee parents/students have to pay to be registered to your class. They are automatically added to the price of each lesson you give to students.
Schoolified does not take any commission on the price of your classes, you will earn 100% of what you charge, the admin fee helps us build, develop and enhance the amazing set of tools we are giving you to build and grow your tutoring business.
When you buy class credits, you have the ability to bypass our payment system and for instance offer classes to students for free or just invite students who have paid you through another system.
For more information on how to use Class credits to invite students to your classes, check out this article

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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