Parents can register for your course in 4 ways:
On the public portal by navigating all public courses, searching your name or any keyword related to your course. Your course visibility will need to be set to public.
By having access to the course page URL created when your course was published. You can share this URL on social media or link to it from your website.
By clicking on one of our widgets that you have installed on your website (in beta. please reach out to help desk if you'd like to be one of our early testers)
When invited by you. You will have the possibility of inviting students when creating a course or by navigating to the course page in your admin portal and clicking the "add members button"*

In scenario 1, 2, and 3, once parents have provided information on the student (full name and birthday to comply with Children Online Protection Privacy Act) and course or class is paid they will receive login information and you will be informed that they registered to your course.
In Scenario 4 (if you decide to invite them to register) they will first receive an invitation email such as the one illustrated below, and they will then need to create their account and provide parental consent with a payment to receive their child's login details.

To make sure you receive email notifications when parents book a free consultation, a course or a a class please make sure to add our emails to your contacts. If you don't email providers such as Gmail might categorize our emails as promotions.

Teacher invite parent email
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