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How do I use the Schoolified Classroom?

For a quick review of how to use the Schoolified Classroom with students check out this video:

For a more detailed guide please read on:


We have developed the classroom app to be as intuitive as possible but we wanted to highlight a few key controls which will help you master your new classroom experience in no time.

Classroom layout

As a teacher, your screen is composed of 5 areas:

(1) Teacher: if your camera is turned-on, all your students can see you
(2) Board: the content you are presenting is seen by all your students.
(3) Toolbar: here you will find all the tools needed to run your class (see Toolbar section)
(4) Notifications: they inform you about your student activity (attention, mistakes, help requests..)
(5) Enhanced Features: Drop-in or Browser controls (see section below)


Common controls for both Teachers and Students

(1) Home: End class for all participants.
(2) Pencil: Use to draw or write. A pencil by default, but can be changed to a rectangle or oval shape.
(3) Color: Pick a color for text, pencil, or shape.
(4) Stroke size: Change stroke size of pen or shape.
(5) Undo arrow: Undo your last action.
(6) Redo arrow: Redo your last action.
(7) Eraser: Erase a specific area.
(8.) Microphone: Toggle your microphone.
(9) Camera: Toggle your camera.
(10) Previous / Next: Turn pages of the document you are presenting. NB: Students can’t move forward in a lesson unless you invite them to. If they do not respond to this invitation (highlighted by “blinking arrow”), you will be notified that students are behind. (See notifications section).

Teacher Specific Controls

Teacher specific controls

(11) Library: to open a whiteboard, share your web browser or load content you prepared in Lesson Composer available in your library.
(12) Layout: Change classroom mode.
(12.1) Presentation Mode: Display your screen (whiteboard or document).
(12.2) Teacher Mode: Go full-screen and let students see only you.Their microphone is turned off but they can always raise their hand.
(12.3) Discussion Mode: Allow all students to participate in a class talk. Their microphones are open and they can speak to each other but you can always mute a noisy student if necessary.
(13) Grid Mode: See what students are doing in their own workspace. You will see what they are doing on their screen in real time. You can switch to camera mode to see all your students at once.


Where do the notifications appear?
On the left side of your screen, under your video, you will see some notifications.
You can hide them by clicking on the left arrows:

Notifications also appear on the grid icon of the toolbar with a yellow dot.

grid notification

What type of notifications exist?
Notifications appear during the class if a student has a question, raises his/her hand or if he/she is not paying attention to the course. There are five (5) types of notifications:

Classroom teacher notifications

Hitting the notification icon opens a submenu for you to take action.
One of those actions is drop-in mode.


The drop-in mode allows you to open a private breakout room with one student, as if you would go to his desk in a physical class.

How to activate drop-in mode?
You can activate the drop-in mode in two different ways:
By clicking on the notifications icon that appears for a specific student, and then by clicking on “Drop-in on [student’s name] workspace.”
By clicking on the grid icon in the toolbar and then on the button Drop-in located under the video of the student.

During drop-in mode?
Once you go into drop-in mode, the other students in your class will be notified that you are in a 1-1 session. A private break out room opens with you and the student. His screen is automatically shared with you. You can talk with him privately, provide guidance by drawing or highlighting specific areas on his screen.

After drop-in mode
Once you are done providing guidance to your student, you have two (2) options:
End the drop-in mode: You can end the drop-in mode and return to class with the rest of the students. Click on the button “End - Return to the class” on the top right corner of your screen.
Share with the class:you can decide that the work performed by the student is worth sharing with the rest of the class. This will let you collaborate with the student on his own screen while allowing the rest of the students to watch at the same time. Think of it as being amazed by the work from a given student and bringing him to the blackboard in front of the class.

Updated on: 23/05/2022

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