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How do I join or start a class or initial consultation on Schoolified?

All classes or initial consultation with a tutor are held in the Schoolified Classroom.
You can access the Schoolified Classroom on Android Tablet or Ipad's or use a browser (chrome preferred) .
If you are using a browser follow these simple 3 steps:

Step 1: Login to Classroom
When time comes for your class please log in to the Schoolified Classroom through your browser (Chrome is preferred).
You can access the Schoolified Classroom here:
If you are a student select Student, if you are a Teacher select Teacher etc.

Step 2: Enter your Credentials
Teachers and Parents should login with the email and password they created when signing up to Schoolified.
If you have forgotten your password or you are a parent and were invited directly by a teacher without creating an account you can always reset the password on that screen
If you are a student use your FAMILYID and SECRET CODE which you received in your email at the time of registration.

Step 3: Select Classes and Join

Once you select Classes you will be brought to your Schedule with today's date selected by default.
Tutor/teacher will start the class by clicking the Start class button on the bottom hand right.
When they do, Students or Parents (when they join a consultation) will see a green banner at the top like in the picture below and you will be able to join the class by clicking the join class button. Once you click Join you will enter the classroom for your tutoring/consultation session.
Please note that the first time around, you will have a prompt in your browser inviting you to allow Schoolified to access your camera and microphone.
This will only happen the first time around.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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