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How can I move from Zoom to Schoolified Classroom for my 1:1 or group classes?

Schoolified is both similar to Zoom (in the sense that it offers remote video functionality) but it is so much more than that!
If you have not done so already, check out our features page here: Schoolified Features.

On Schoolified, because the actual Classroom is seamlessly integrated with the booking engine you do not need to worry about sending reminders or links.
Once students are registered you get a confirmation by email and you can start your class directly from your Google Calendar or your Schoolified Schedule.
As for students, they just need to log into the Schoolified Classroom and navigate to their schedule where the class will have been automatically added.

Unlike zoom or other video conferencing systems, access to your Classroom is NOT done through an unsecure link but dependent on a unique secure login per child which is provided at signup. So unless they share their credentials, non-registered students/strangers can't join it (ie: zoombombing is impossible).
If your course or single class is setup, parents can sign up to it or you can invite them directly; check this article to see how this can be done in 3 minutes.

Updated on: 23/05/2022

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